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Event Management Solutions for Event Staff

Planning and managing events require careful coordination and organization. With CE Zoom’s event management software for event planners, you can easily plan, manage, and execute events of all types and sizes. Learn more about our cutting-edge software and how it can help you have a more successful event.

Built for All Event Planners and Event Staff

CE Zoom event management software caters to various roles within several industries. Whether you’re an event marketer, planner, executive, registration manager, or exhibitor manager, we offer tools tailored to your specific needs.

Absolutely! CE Zoom’s platform is customizable to meet every state’s license requirements for all of your employees. You can create personalized learning paths, integrate with existing systems, and tailor the platform to reflect your industry and profession.

Event planners can rely on CE Zoom’s software to streamline the entire planning process. Our software offers features such as checklists, itineraries, and scheduling tools to simplify event logistics and keep planning on track.

We equip event executives with user-friendly dashboards and reports, providing valuable insights into event performance and attendee engagement. This helps executives make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and have successful events.

We equip event executives with user-friendly dashboards and reports, providing valuable insights into event performance and attendee engagement. This helps executives make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and have successful events.

CE Zoom offers specialized features for exhibitors to manage exhibit details, contracts, and logistics. With our software, exhibitor managers can ensure a seamless and successful experience.

Integrate With the Systems You Already Have

Our event management software for event planners lets you seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry or switching between multiple platforms. Whether it’s your CRM, email marketing software, or financial systems, our software integrates with your existing tools to ensure a seamless workflow.

Created for All Event Types

CE Zoom’s software is versatile and flexible, catering to events of all types.



Enjoy features like venue management and logistics coordination to easily handle every aspect of your in-person event.


Efficiently manage virtual events with tools like virtual attendee registration and engagement tools to live streaming and on-demand content management.


Our software offers features to manage virtual event platforms, attendee engagement, and seamless integration between virtual and in-person events, ensuring a cohesive and engaging event for everyone.


Webinar planning is made easy with tools like registration forms, automated email reminders, and audience engagement tools.

Productivity and Project Management

CE Zoom’s event management software for event planners offers a comprehensive suite of project management tools to help planners stay organized throughout the event.



Create and track budgets and monitor expenses to ensure you don’t overspend.


Stay on top of essential tasks and deadlines with a customizable list.


Our intuitive dashboards provide a centralized view of your event information. Effectively monitor progress, track your tasks, and access key metrics to keep your event on track.

File sharing

Easily share important files, contracts, and resources with team members to ensure everyone can access the latest event information.


Effortlessly create detailed schedules, assign tasks to team members, and share itineraries with attendees for a well-organized event.


Create reports on registration numbers, attendee demographics, session attendance, and more to assess success and make informed decisions for improving future events.


Streamline scheduling and manage appointments with integrated booking calendars.

Task management

Assign and track tasks to team members, ensure they stay on top of responsibilities, and collaborate effectively.


Create seating arrangements, session agendas, and layouts to visualize and manage all aspects of your event.

Attendee and Registration Management

CE Zoom’s event management software provides attendee and registration management tools to ensure a smooth process for everyone.


Attendee list management

Efficiently manage attendee information such as registration and contact details.

Check-in tools

Streamline check-in with tools like QR code scanning. Quickly check in attendees and minimize time spent in queues.

Event webpage builder

Create a professional and customizable event website to provide attendees a user-friendly platform for accessing event information.

Online forms

Eliminate manual data entry by letting attendees register for events, provide essential information, and make selections through online forms.

Order tracking

Event participants can purchase tickets online. Organizers can track sales, monitor capacity, and ensure a smooth entry process during the event.

Prospecting and Billing Management

Effective prospecting and billing management are crucial. That’s why our event management software for event planners provides tools to streamline these processes.



Easily create, send, and track contracts to streamline negotiation with clients, vendors, and partners.

Payment card processing

Securely process debit and credit card payments to conveniently collect payments for registrations, tickets, or additional services.


Save time and reduce paperwork by obtaining legally binding signatures electronically.

Client portals

Provide a personalized and centralized space for clients to access event details, documents, and communication history.

Why CE Zoom

Choosing the right software is crucial for a successful event. Here’s what makes our event management software for event planners stand out from the competition.


User-friendly interface


Customization and flexibility to accommodate any event


Seamless integration with existing systems


Comprehensive features to meet your unique needs


Dedicated customer support

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