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Simplify conference planning with CE Zoom’s conference management system! We equip organizers with the tools they need to ensure a successful event.

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Conferences Have Many Moving Parts

With so many things to juggle, organizing a successful conference can be challenging. From coordinating logistics and handling registrations to creating engaging agendas, conference planning is no small feat. The stakes are exceptionally high, and even the slightest mistake can have detrimental consequences. A single misstep can disrupt the entire event, impacting attendee satisfaction and speaker success.

Conference Event Management Software Features

CE Zoom’s conference organization software provides many benefits to ensure seamless and successful events.



Simplify registration with a user-friendly interface, dedicated websites, integrated payments, and CRM functionality.


Elevate event promotions with marketing features that enable the creation of agendas and targeted campaigns.

Onsite solutions

Revolutionize onsite experiences with streamlined check-in processes, badging features, and advanced lead capture.

Mobile apps

Streamline the check-in process with mobile apps to make it a hassle-free experience for attendees. With real-time tracking capabilities, you can also ensure your attendees stay connected, well-informed, and actively engaged throughout the event.

Sponsor management

Improve sponsor relationships and track sponsor commitments, benefits, and engagement metrics.

Stress-Free Events Done Right Every Time

Our conference management solutions guarantee stress-free and successful events thanks to their robust features. By utilizing our software, event organizers can confidently navigate the intricate landscape of event planning. With CE Zoom, you’re not just managing events — you’re creating unforgettable experiences that leave an impression on your audience.

What People Are Saying

“My license was in New Mexico, we had three years where we had to hold onto those. Probably the second year in, my anxiety starts to kick in like, “Where are my papers? Do I have enough? What am I missing? Oh, my gosh! They’re going to tell me I can’t practice Dental Hygiene anymore.” So for me to just have the simplicity and ease of use, and to know that it’s there, and just keep track of it over time so that when the renewal comes up, it’s so much easier.”

Josalyn Sewell, RDHCOO - Carolinas Dentist

Built for All Audiences and Event Sizes


For your attendees

Prioritize attendee satisfaction with a seamless registration process, user-friendly mobile apps, and real-time updates for a positive and engaging experience.

For your exhibitors

We help ensure a successful and rewarding experience for exhibitors of all sizes and industries. Maximize benefits for exhibitors through efficient booth assignments, logistics, and lead capture tools.

For your speakers

Equip speakers with tools for communication, schedule management, and profile updates, fostering a collaborative and successful speaking experience at events of any size.

A Conference Management Tool Built for All Industries



Streamline corporate processes and enhance communication for an efficient experience in the workplace.


Support scholarly exchange for features like session scheduling and abstract management for efficient academic conferences.


Ensure regulatory compliance and effective networking for conferences in the financial sector.

Life sciences

Facilitate scientific sessions, research presentations, and collaborative discussions for advancement in life sciences.


Support innovation with features like tech demo scheduling and networking opportunities for technology-related conferences.


Enable member engagement, networking, and knowledge-sharing for successful association conferences.

CE Zoom Makes Event Marketing and Management Easy

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Integrate Into Your CRM and Automation Tools

Effortlessly integrate our conference management software into your CRM and automated tools for simplified event data management. This connection enhances accuracy, centralizes attendee information, and automates tasks to save time and ensure consistent engagement throughout the event.

Why CE Zoom


User-friendly interface

With an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, CE Zoom minimizes the learning curve and maximizes efficiency for organizers.

Versatility across industries

CE Zoom adapts to the diverse needs of events in any industry.

Tailored solution

Customize the platform to align with your event’s unique needs.

Responsive support

Our team is ready to answer questions and provide the support you need during your event planning.

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Transform Your Events With CE Zoom

Our online conference management solution is the go-to choice for organizers wanting a stress-free and comprehensive approach to event planning! Contact us today to discover how CE Zoom can transform your conferences into memorable experiences.