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FINALLY! A way to KNOW if you are staying compliant in your state. CE Zoom offers a one of a kind, state specific CE tracker, that notifies you of courses in your area (or on a beach), tracks your expenses, stores CE Certificates, and submits proof of attendance right to your state (in participating states).Learn More »

Conferences / Companies

Need help managing your conference or would you like to know what an impact your clinical trainers are making? CE Zoom offers conferences, companies, or anyone managing a CE course / conference a fully automated CE management platform that is streamlined to run its self! CE Zoom takes the hassle out of the stresses of collecting money, making sure those who actually paid are the one’s receiving credit, mandating a survey, and distributing CE Certificates. CE Zoom also assists companies with making sure the clinical trainers are effective with training/selling products.Read More »

CE Presenter

As a presenter it’s tough to manage a course. There are so many moving parts to putting on one course that sometimes it feels as though it’s not even worth it. Let CE Zoom take care of it all for you. From registration all the way to distributing the CE Certificate, after checking in that attendees have shown up, CE Zoom will run its self and allow you the ability do what you are there to do. Teach.Read More »

Licensing Bodies

State boards, listen up. CE Zoom knows the struggles of regulating licensed professionals. It’s time consuming and very tedious work! There are so many different rules to follow with all the different course categories allowed, different approved providers, minimums/maximum requirements, courses that are required but don’t count towards the CE requirements, and PAPER! All the paper you have to sort through to decide where each piece of paper falls all the while adding up all of the CE credits to know if 1 person has stayed compliant. CE Zoom is effortless and does all this for you instantly.Read More »

Our Features

CE Tracker

The one and only state specific CE tracker that will track CE based off of your individual state’s rules and regulations. It’s simple and easy to use.  Upload certificates and get a better understanding of what your state requires without having to read your rules all the time. You have the ability to quickly view your CE compliance progress, renewal dates, transcripts, and more from any Wi-Fi connected device.

Course / Conference Scheduling

Do you struggle finding courses in your area? Would you like to travel and take CE while you are there, do you just need to find one specific course or your favorite presenter? CE Zoom’s course finder allows an individual to find courses by searching within a travel radius, presenter’s name, course category, or a certain approved provider. Use the quick link to register for a course and it will add your newly registered course right to your dashboard for quick verification.

Maintain Documentation

Documentation is important. Paper files stored in a folder somewhere deep in a filing cabinet are a thing of the past. If you are a certified approved provider offering CE, this information is required and mandatory to submit to whomever you are approved through. CE Zoom stores a list of courses you have offered, course objectives, event location, attendee roster, CE hours offered, sponsors, presenters, and survey results that can all be exported to the correct company with the push of a button.


All courses/conferences will be advertised to your targeted audience nationally. Notifications of new courses in the attendee’s selected radius will be sent out to all members within a week of posting a new course.

Approved Provider Certification

Multiple States require an approved provider accreditation for CE’s to be acceptable for their licensees.  Increase your course(s) acceptance by licensing bodies by having it accredited  by one of our CERP/AGD certifying providers.

Digital CE Certificates

All certificates will be automatically distributed directly to your attendees account to be tracked and stored against their states rules never to be lost again.  (No reporting attendees CE activity to CE Zoom)..

Attendee Rosters

Have you ever tried to read 300 different “signatures” on a sign in sheet? CE Zoom allows for digital attendee rosters which includes attendees names, address, phone number, e-mail address, registration, checked-in and verification status, and membership info like AGD, ADA, ADHA.

On-line Registration

Are you still using paper registrations that you are sending in the mail with limited options for registration? CE Zoom’s simple registration makes it effortless for attendees to sign up and pay for your course/conference allowing for more signups along with placing the registered courses right on the attendees CE Zoom dashboard for ease of verification of courses.


Are you the one passing out course evaluations at the end of a course and then go pick them up not filled out right back where you placed them? When it’s in a system that runs it’s self, that valuable feedback to help you make the conference run better, smoother, and address everyone’s needs will prevent this time waster from occurring. With CE Zoom’s no management necessary course evaluation, you, the conference can make the survey either be required or optional depending on your preference and your approved provider status. After verification of a course, the attendee is prompted to take the course evaluation right then and there to receive their digital copy of their CE Certificate.

Expense Tracker

A great organizational tool for all your job related tax receipts. Use over 25 different categories to organize and track expenses occurred though out the year. The expense overview separates all expense totals in an easy to view graph.

License Renewals

Store your entire file folder of important CE documents on one platform. Obtain CE from conferences/courses that are powered by CE Zoom to have the certificate automatically placed in the correct categories for your convenience and ease of use or manually upload additional paper CE Certificates obtained in any other way.

Speaker Connector

Whether you are a conference seeking out quality, certified CE presenters, or a speaker looking for the next gig, our speaker connector is the best way to find speakers and get noticed! So start connecting!
Did you know we offer solutions for State and Licensing Bodies?

CE Zoom offers the first and only completely automated state specific compliance and auditing tool.

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