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Continuing Education
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It is essential to track continuing education for your companies. From online registration to digital certificates of completion, your company-wide continuing education requirements can easily be tracked with CE Zoom. Receive complete reporting of who still needs to complete continuing education requirements, attendee information for current courses, and more.

Track your company continuing education compliance information with our group continuing education platform. Get started today!

An Efficient and Easy Method for the Entire Office to Complete CE Credits Simultaneously

How frustrating is it to find the specific CE course you need to keep up your required credits, remember when your license expires, or find the right conference to meet your crediting needs? This might be easier in a large town, but sometimes finding the right course can be challenging. And what happens when that paper certificate you earned gets lost? How do you then prove you attended the course and met the requirements for the certification? CE Zoom has the answer to all of your CE course woes.

Attend, Track, & Report CE Credits for the Whole Company All in One Place

With CE Zoom, find the courses or conferences you need to complete your required CE units, register online for the course, and have a place that keeps your earned certificates digitally. Never worry about knowing when additional CE courses are needed, losing your certificate, or knowing how much time you have to complete your required CE units before your license expires.

Our automated license renewal for employees tracks your license renewal date and what courses you need to complete for the renewal process. Our CE compliance management system is geared specifically toward your state, so you won’t have to worry about not getting enough credits for license renewal.

With our system, your attendance of courses and completion certificates are tracked in one place, making it easier to renew your license when it is time. You won’t need to manually track your requirements, completed courses, and whatever else is left to complete. CE Zoom keeps track of everything you need on one convenient platform.

Save Time and Money While Sharpening Your Skills

Save time when you don’t need to scour the internet for that specific course or conference you need by having access to the conference you need when you need it by visiting CE Zoom. Save money on travel expenses when you find the course you need is delivered virtually, and you can attend from anywhere.

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Simplify CE management, audits, certificate distribution, office compliance, and events.

Why CE Zoom Continuing Education Management Tool

With our continuing education for companies, you can easily track your employees’ compliance needs on a single platform. Attend courses online, find live conferences, track required CE units, and manage license compliance and renewal, all on a single platform. Be more efficient and ensure that needed CEs don’t fall through the cracks. Ensure employees are meeting your state’s compliance requirements.

Next Steps

Tracking employee needs for state compliance requirements is easy with CE Zoom. Sign up for your account based on the number of employees you wish to track. Share your CE needs, and get started tracking what courses employees need and by when to keep their licenses up to date. It’s that easy.

Find required CE courses, host your own, and ensure licensing compliance in your state when you get started with CE Zoom today.