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Internal Event Management Solutions

Plan and execute internal events efficiently with the help of CE Zoom’s internal event management solution. Minimize your workload while planning, promoting, and managing successful events of any size.

Internal Event Management Done on Time and Under Budget

If you’re planning an internal event, our event management software can help! We provide the tools you need to plan and manage upcoming events successfully. Some benefits of this comprehensive software include:


Streamlined planning and management


Custom event pages


Registration management


Attendance tracking tools


Improved communication


Detailed reporting and analytics

All-In-One Event Management Software for Internal Events

Planning an internal event can be challenging without the right tools. Fortunately, with CE Zoom’s internal event management software, you’ll have everything you need to host your event effectively. Here’s how our software can help.

CE Zoom’s internal event management solution helps streamline your planning process by providing a centralized platform and automated task management.

  • Centralized event management. Streamline planning and easily keep track of important event details, all from one centralized platform. Manage all aspects of your event, including registration, payment processes, attendee communication, and scheduling.
  • Automated task management. Reduce planners’ workloads and ensure everything is on track with automated task management. Automate specific tasks, such as sending reminders for critical deadlines or scheduling automated communication with attendees.

CE Zoom’s event management software for internal events helps team members work together on event planning and execution. The following collaboration tools are available to help ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Shared calendars. Organizers have access to a shared calendar to view upcoming deadlines and events.
  • Task assignments. Assign tasks to specific team members and track their progress to ensure tasks are completed on time.
  • Real-time communication. Quickly and easily communicate with other organizers with real-time communication tools such as chat and messaging.
  • File sharing. Share documents in one centralized platform to reduce confusion and give everyone access to the latest version of important documents.

Manage communication with attendees before, during, and after your event with CE Zoom’s internal event management solution. Access email communication tools such as:

  • Automated event reminders. Automatically send event reminders to attendees before your event with relevant information such as time, date, location, and agenda.
  • Customizable email templates. Access customizable email templates to create professional emails that reflect your brand.
  • Targeted email campaigns. Target groups of attendees to promote specific sessions or follow up with people who didn’t attend a particular session.
  • Analytics. Track email open rates, click-through rates, and other important metrics.

CE Zoom’s software provides detailed reporting and analytics tools to track event success, evaluate feedback, and identify areas for improvement. These tools include

  • Real-time data. View real-time event data for registrations, attendance, and engagement.
  • Customizable reports. Create reports based on specific company needs, such as attendance rates or attendee feedback.
  • Survey tools. Collect feedback from attendees through surveys and polls to improve future events.

Integration With Your Existing System

CE Zoom’s internal event management software can integrate with various other software tools to help streamline event planning and increase efficiency. These types of software include:

Customer relationship management software
Marketing automation software
Payment gateways
Video conferencing software
Survey and polling software

Made for Any Type of Event

Plan any type of event with CE Zoom’s customizable internal event management software.

In-person events. Streamline in-person event planning by managing attendee registration, logistics, venue selection, and communication. Deliver a seamless experience for your attendees with the platform’s easy-to-use interface.
Virtual events. Find tools tailored explicitly for planning and managing virtual events, such as setting up webinars, virtual conferences, and live-streamed events. Find tools for creating and sharing agendas and conducting virtual polls and surveys. You can also integrate with other platforms, such as video conferencing software.
Hybrid events. Access both in-person and virtual aspects of your event from one centralized platform. Manage attendee registration, logistics, and communication for both in-person and virtual portions of the event.

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