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For hassle-free trade show management software, look no further than CE Zoom. The top name in continuing education, CE Zoom simplifies all aspects of trade show management, giving you the ultimate trade show event management solution for effective events.

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All Elements and Tasks in One Place

CE Zoom acts as an all-in-one trade show management software, bringing all of your essential trade show management tasks into one easy-to-use platform. With everything from vendor management and registration to trade show planning and execution, CE Zoom gives your team all of the trade show management solutions you need for an effective event.

Vendor Management and Registration

CE Zoom offers a comprehensive vendor management and registration system, allowing vendors access to the demographic data of the registered attendees. This game-changing capability allows you as a vendor to pay greater attention to the kinds of individuals who will be in attendance, in turn giving you the capability to use the trade show event management software to tailor your messaging and presentation to the leads you expect to gain at the trade show.

Customizable Event Portal

With a modular design that allows you to sort and prioritize the important metrics of your event, CE Zoom offers a customizable event portal that enables you to manage all aspects of your trade show, from exhibitor management and scheduling to marketing and attendee engagement.

Trade Show Planning and Execution Made Simple

Simplify your trade show planning and execution with CE Zoom’s user-friendly platform and comprehensive features. From managing exhibitor contracts and booth assignments to designing event layouts and managing event logistics, CE Zoom streamlines the entire planning process, making it one of the most sophisticated event management solutions for trade shows and other continued education events.

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