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Event Management Solutions for Nonprofits & Charities

Take the stress out of event planning with CE Zoom! Our event management software for nonprofits streamlines planning and ensures seamless coordination so you can focus on your organization’s mission.

What Customers Are Saying

“My license was in New Mexico, we had three years where we had to hold onto those. Probably the second year in, my anxiety starts to kick in like, “Where are my papers? Do I have enough? What am I missing? Oh, my gosh! They’re going to tell me I can’t practice Dental Hygiene anymore.” So for me to just have the simplicity and ease of use, and to know that it’s there, and just keep track of it over time so that when the renewal comes up, it’s so much easier.”

Josalyn Sewell, RDHCOO - Carolinas Dentist

Optimize Your Events With Nonprofit Event Management Software

CE Zoom offers cutting-edge event software for nonprofits and charities designed to streamline your events. With intuitive features, seamless ticketing solutions, and robust donor management tools, our platform empowers you to focus on your cause while effortlessly managing every aspect of your fundraising events. Elevate your event planning experience with CE Zoom and maximize your impact!

Fundraising Is the Hardest Part of Running a Nonprofit or Charity

The complexities of gathering support and financial contributions for fundraisers can be overwhelming and require meticulous planning, strategic engagement, and effective management. The difficulties of planning fundraisers can take valuable resources and attention away from your organization’s core mission. That’s where nonprofit event management can help.

Designed for Nonprofit and Charity Fundraising Events

CE Zoom’s nonprofit event management software is a tailored solution for your fundraising events! Our platform caters specifically to the needs of nonprofit organizations, providing a comprehensive suite of features that streamline event management. These include:


Managing several events

Easily manage in-person, hybrid, and online events.

Registration process

Give your guests a great experience with a quick registration process.

Online ticketing

Save time by selling and managing ticket sales online.


Encourage audience engagement with live chat features.

Donation tracking

Track donations, communicate with donors, and manage donation activity from the event.

Raise Needed Funds and Build Crucial Relationships, All With Less Stress and Hassle

With CE Zoom’s event management software for nonprofits, you can raise much-needed funds with efficiency and ease while alleviating the stress of fundraising. Our platform’s intuitive design and robust features help organizations navigate through the intricate process of planning and executing events. Say goodbye to planning challenges and burdens! CE Zoom is your ally in creating successful, stress-free fundraising experiences that drive your organization toward success.

Designed for Any Kind of Nonprofit Event

Our nonprofit event management software caters to the specific needs of nonprofits and provides a seamless planning solution for a wide range of events, including:


Art shows










Festivals or fairs


Walking or running events




Live entertainment



Organizations Who Trust CE Zoom

Support and Analytics

Beyond event management, our platform offers helpful support and analytics features to enhance your organization’s overall efficiency. Our analytics tools give you insights into attendee engagement, fundraising performance, and event success metrics. This data helps you make informed decisions, improve your strategies, and maximize the impact of your events.

How to Use Event Management Software for Nonprofits

Non–profits use event management software to streamline every stage of an event, from planning to post-analysis. CE Zoom helps organizations create engaging invitations and manage attendee registration. During the event, real-time updates and communication tools keep organizers and attendees informed. After the event, the analytics features offer valuable insights, allowing nonprofits to evaluate the event’s success, measure fundraising outcomes, and assess attendee engagement.

Benefits of Nonprofit Event Management Software

With CE Zoom’s event management software, you can experience a range of benefits that take the stress out of event planning.


Effortless logistics

Streamline event planning with features for ticketing, registration, and venue management.

Real-time insights

Collect post-event analytics and valuable data that can help improve future events.

Seamless fundraising

Effortlessly plan and execute fundraising events.

Adaptable solutions

Tailor the software to meet your event’s specific needs.

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Partner With CE Zoom to Simplify Your Event Planning

Elevate your event management experience with CE Zoom! Our tailored event software for nonprofits and charities ensures seamless coordination, stress-free logistics, and impactful outcomes. Contact us today to get started!