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CE Management Solutions For Individuals, Presenters & Employees

Elevate your continuing education (CE) experience with CE Zoom’s cutting-edge CE management software designed for individuals, presenters, and employees. Streamline your CE process with a platform that provides an unparalleled and comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

“This tool has made it incredibly simple to see everything, know what’s coming, know what’s needed from the CE requirement, and all of the other types of courses that are necessary. For me, personally, it has been a godsend.”

Dr. Andrew Matta, ChiefClinical Officer - North American Dental Group

Continuing Education Is Like Reinventing the Wheel Every Time You Need It

The need to continuously adapt to diverse requirements, standards, and documentation practices is like reinventing the wheel with every CE pursuit.

CE standards are dynamic and subject to frequent updates. Staying updated and adjusting your approach accordingly takes time and effort.

Different professionals and industries have unique continuing education requirements. Adapting to these needs can feel overwhelming, but it’s necessary to stay up-to-date.

CE can be fulfilled through various learning formats, such as workshops, online courses, or conferences. Adapting to multiple formats and managing them without CE management software for individuals may be like starting from scratch each time.

These are just some challenges that hinder the impact of an effective CE program.

Everything You Need in One Place, Completed in Record Time

Unlock the secret to successful CE Management with CE Zoom’s CE management software designed for individuals, presenters, CE educators, and employees seeking a smooth and efficient approach to CE. The value lies in its ability to save valuable time and optimize processes. By automating CE credit tracking, attendance, records, and compliance management, users can bid farewell to time-consuming processes.

Our software’s flexibility allows users to tailor the system to their unique needs, making it an invaluable tool for professionals in various industries wanting to simplify the complexities of CE compliance. It also helps you manage deadlines, fostering a proactive approach to professional development. CE Management Software is the key to efficiency, organization, and time-saving in any CE endeavor.

Continuing Education (CE) Management Software for Individuals

Experience the convenience that CE management software provides for individuals. CE Zoom’s all-in-one platform is designed to simplify your CE process, providing a wealth of practical benefits that save time and enhance your professional development.


Trackers Designed for Regulating Bodies:

Dive into an advanced feature that sets out specific parameters defined by regulatory bodies. These trackers meticulously outline required topics, minimum and maximum hours, approved providers, and exclusions, making it easy for you to stay on top of your CE compliance.

CE Certificate Storage:

CE Zoom’s CE Management Software is ideal for individuals who want a secure and accessible storage space for all their CE Certificates, promoting a clutter-free and organized approach to documenting professional development.

Real-Time Notifications:

The CE Management Software is perfect for personal use with its real-time notifications. These keep you informed about upcoming deadlines, new CE opportunities, and any crucial updates, helping you stay ahead of your CE requirements.

Enormous Catalog of CE Courses:

Immerse yourself in an extensive catalog of CE courses within the same platform. Easily search, register, and attend courses without navigating through multiple systems.

Submission to Regulatory Boards:

Effortlessly submit your CE transcripts for auditing to ensure a seamless and compliant interaction with regulatory agencies.

CE Zoom brings together all these features in one comprehensive software, offering a holistic solution for individuals.

Continuing Education Management Software for Presenters and Educators

CE Zoom’s software is the CE Management Software for Presenters. It’s tailored to meet the unique needs of presenters and educators with its all-in-one solution that simplifies tasks, allowing you to focus on delivering impactful presentations.

Manage your professional profile within the software to keep your information updated and easily accessible to organizers and attendees.

Stay informed about all the courses and events, making even management a seamless experience.

Track course dates and times with the software’s calendar to ensure you stay organized and prepared for all your courses.

As a presenter and educator, engage with your attendees with this powerful feature to enhance the attendee experience.

CE Zoom’s CE management software is the ideal solution for individuals, presenters, and educators alike. The centralized platform allows for easy organization to save time and improve engagement.

CE Management Software for Employees

CE Zoom’s CE Management Software can transform engagement for employees. It’s ideal for both individual professionals and corporate teams and is tailored to make presentation and planning more organized and efficient.


Role-Based Access Empowering Employees:

The platform allows any employee to actively participate in overseeing the delivery and organization of CE courses. With the flexibility to become account managers, employees can contribute significantly to the seamless execution of CE programs in the company.

White-Label Branding for Your Needs:

Tailor your CE courses to your company’s brand with White Label Branding. This feature allows customization to meet specific branding needs.

CE Zoom’s CE management software is the tool to empower employees to contribute effectively, ensuring a more organized and efficient approach to CE.

A Trusted Partner to Respected Brands

CE Zoom stands as a trusted partner for numerous companies and brands, providing unparalleled support in navigating the complexities of professional development.

Everything You Need in One Place

CE Zoom’s CE Management Software is a feature-rich solution designed to make CE convenient for every user and simplify every aspect of CE management.


Automated License Tracking and Management

Stay compliant with the system’s automated license tracking and management, so you’re always up-to-date with the latest requirements.

Document Compliance

CE Zoom’s software streamlines the documentation process by providing a user-friendly system for managing and organizing all necessary paperwork.

Integration and SSO

CE Zoom’s integrations and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities allow for seamless collaboration with existing tools for a smooth workflow.

Track Compliance with Dashboard and Reports

Stay in control of your CE compliance with an intuitive dashboard and comprehensive reporting features. Monitor compliance status, deadlines, and essential metrics, providing valuable insights to enhance professional development strategy.

CE Event Management

Streamline the planning and execution of CE events with CE Zoom’s event management feature. From scheduling to attendee tracking, this tool ensures a smooth and efficient process for organizing and managing CE events.

Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need in one place. CE Zoom’s feature-rich platform consolidates all these capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution and making it the ideal CE management software for any individual.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

Organization is the key to success in continuing education. CE Zoom’s CE Management Software shows that the journey is not complicated when you have a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of CE. This begins with 3 easy steps: Enroll, Activate, and Begin. Experience how simple managing continuing education can be. Get in touch with us today!