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In-Person Event Solutions

Experience the power of CE Zoom’s in-person event software and kick your events up a notch. Our wide-ranging solution provides your team with all the tools you’ll need to track, manage, and promote your continuing education activities. The CE Zoom platform is streamlined and easy to use, giving you all the tools you need to organize and execute an in-person event.

Streamlined In-Person Event Solutions

With an end-to-end experience for managing your in-person events, CE Zoom’s in-person event management software can make the whole process smoother. Our software is purposefully designed to encourage a seamless and efficient event management process, so you can keep your focus on creating an amazing experience for your attendees.

With our robust registration and marketing features, you can promote your events with ease. You can customize your registration pages, track registrations in real-time, and collect attendee information to tailor your messaging better. CE Zoom’s marketing tools give you the ability to send targeted email campaigns, make use of social media integrations, and maximize attendance at your events.

Check-in and badging can be major bottlenecks for in-person events. Our in-person event management software allows you to ditch the long queues and clunky manual registration lists by enabling smooth on-site check-ins that are sure to make a positive first impression on your attendees.

Location, location, location! Take the hassle out of finding a venue for your in-person event. CE Zoom’s venue sourcing and design tools allow you to explore a variety of options, complete with detailed venue profiles that help you make an informed decision based on the requirements of your event. Get a sense of your event layout and optimize your use of space so you can create a more engaging environment for your attendees.

Impactful Employee Engagement

With CE Zoom’s in-person event software, your events will see many valuable benefits that drive meaningful employee engagement.


Identify and Prioritize High-Quality Leads in Your CRM

With the insights you gain from attendee performance, you can better prioritize high-quality leads. Our event management software for in-person events allows you to capture important attendee data that you can seamlessly leverage for marketing automation tools and CRMs.

Turn Attendees into Participants

Your event attendees can be more than just passive viewers. Encourage more active participation from your attendees by providing interactive tools at your events. Our software for in-person events enables Q&A sessions, surveys, and polling, which empower your attendees to contribute and interact with event content. When you facilitate active engagement, you can craft a dynamic, memorable experience for your attendees.

Network and Build a Community

Get to know your attendees. CE Zoom allows you and your attendees to strengthen relationships, foster collaboration, and create lasting connections. Connect and engage with them before, during, and after the event with CE Zoom’s event management solution for in-person events.

Communicate Quickly and Easily

Your attendees can stay up-to-date with important event information with real-time updates delivered directly to their devices through CE Zoom. As plans change and evolve, you can send instant notifications or announcements to your attendees, making certain that important information doesn’t slip through the cracks. Attendees can also find sessions and keynotes, all in the palm of their hands — and yes, even in the bathroom.

CE Zoom’s in-person event software gives you the power to elevate your events and create unforgettable experiences for your attendees. Our comprehensive solution covers all important aspects of event management, from registration to engagement and beyond.

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