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Corporate Event Management Solutions

Elevate your corporate strategy with CE Zoom! Our corporate event management software transforms planning and guarantees successful events.

More Efficient, Impactful, Stress-Free Corporate Events

CE Zoom’s corporate event management software is your go-to solution for planning stress-free events that leave a lasting impression. Here’s what sets our platform apart from the rest.


Keep Everything Organized and Streamlined

Organization is the key to success when it comes to event planning. CE Zoom provides a centralized platform where everything from communication to timelines and budgets is seamlessly integrated. No more juggling between multiple tools and platforms — with CE Zoom, you can handle all aspects of your event in one place.

Manage your Team, Vendors and Attendees

CE Zoom’s dashboard lets you easily manage your team, vendors, and attendees. Within the dashboard, you can assign and monitor tasks, track guest lists, manage RSVPs, handle registration, create schedules, and manage bookings. This dashboard reduces error and confusion by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Deliver A Superior Experience

Our corporate event software revolutionizes the management process, helping you deliver an excellent experience for your attendees. CE Zoom frees up your time and resources by reducing the burden of tedious and time-consuming tasks. Now, you can spend more time and effort ensuring memorable events for your guests.

Built for Every Corporate Event

CE Zoom’s corporate event planning software caters to the needs of every corporate event.



CE Zoom offers tailored solutions for scheduling keynote speakers and managing breakout sessions and provides customizable dashboards for insightful analytics.


Customize the software to meet the specific demands of your convention, like managing exhibitors, floor plans, and engagement opportunities.

Employee events

Create unforgettable employee events that strengthen workplace culture. Manage RSVPs, coordinate schedules, and engage your employees, all through one comprehensive platform.


Efficiently manage meetings of any size with CE Zoom. From automated workflows for collecting meeting information to streamlined communication tools, our software ensures your meetings are well-organized and productive.


Our platform facilitates easy management of training schedules, materials, and participant engagement. With seamless integration with project and task management solutions, training sessions become more efficient and impactful.

What People Are Saying

“My license was in New Mexico, we had three years where we had to hold onto those. Probably the second year in, my anxiety starts to kick in like, “Where are my papers? Do I have enough? What am I missing? Oh, my gosh! They’re going to tell me I can’t practice Dental Hygiene anymore.” So for me to just have the simplicity and ease of use, and to know that it’s there, and just keep track of it over time so that when the renewal comes up, it’s so much easier.”

Josalyn Sewell, RDHCOO - Carolinas Dentist

Powerful Features Built Around Your Needs

When it comes to corporate event management, having the proper tools can make all the difference. Our platform includes a powerful suite of features designed to meet the unique needs of event professionals. These include



Create a positive user experience for attendees by letting them effortlessly reserve their spots.

Itinerary scheduling

Streamline event planning by creating, updating, and communicating schedules in real-time with an intuitive interface.

Online invoicing

Simplify financial processes with secure and automated invoicing, ensuring smooth transactions for efficient financial management.

Staffing management

Centralize task assignments and monitoring and facilitate well-coordinated teamwork and logistics planning.

Integrated CRM

Effectively manage and engage with attendees through a comprehensive CRM system.

Customizable dashboards

Tailor your interface to specific needs and prioritize critical metrics.

Floor plans

Optimize event layouts with a user-friendly planning tool to ensure efficient use of space.

Travel & accommodations

Coordinate travel logistics and accommodations within a centralized platform.

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CEZoom Solutions

Our corporate event management software meets the needs of your events, no matter your role, event type, format, or organization.

By Role

CE Zoom tailors solutions to the specific needs of event planners, coordinators, marketing teams, and executives to foster collaboration and efficiency within each role.

By Event Type

Customize the platform to address the unique demands of conferences, conventions, meetings, and more.

By Event Format

Our software easily adapts to various event formats, including virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

By Organizations

CE Zoom’s solutions meet the needs of corporations, associations, nonprofits, and other entities.

CE Zoom Features

Unlock the full potential of your events with the robust features of our corporate event software!


Exhibitor management

Streamline the process of onboarding exhibitors, managing booth assignments, and ensuring a smooth exhibitor experience.


Create targeted promotional campaigns and branded content to attract a wider audience.


Effectively manage sponsor relationships, showcase sponsorship opportunities, and track sponsor contributions.

Production and streaming services

Manage live streams and ensure product quality to create a professional and engaging event experience for in-person and online attendees.

AGD Pace Joint Program provider

CE Zoom offers tailored solutions to streamline accreditation processes, manage course content, and ensure compliance.

Course and conference scheduling

Efficiently plan and manage course schedules and conference agendas for a well-organized event.

Elevate Your Events With CE Zoom

CE Zoom’s corporate event management software provides a comprehensive solution for every step of your event! Contact us today to discover how our platform can streamline planning, engage your audience, and deliver successful outcomes.