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Event Management Solutions
for Networking Events

With CE Zoom’s networking event management software, you can easily and seamlessly manage all aspects of your events, from finding the perfect venue to tracking attendance and capturing leads.

Event Technology To Support All Your Networking Events

Networking events come in all shapes and sizes, and CE Zoom has the capability to help you tackle all of them. Our event management software for networking events is designed to work seamlessly with events of all kinds, whether in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of the two. With a variety of tools to suit any networking event solutions you need, CE Zoom is the go-to for ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch, no matter what form your event takes.

Getting the Perfect Venue for Your Goals

For any in-person or hybrid event, the right venue is crucial for your success. If the environment isn’t conducive to professional conversations and meetings, you’ll find out pretty quickly that recruiters and candidates alike are uncomfortable with the arrangement or have a difficult time attracting the prospects they’re looking for.

CE Zoom’s event management solution for networking makes it easy to find the right location for each event, whether you need a traditional meeting space or a more unique venue. With our venue search tool, you can quickly and easily filter venues by location, capacity, amenities, and more, making it easy to find the perfect space for your event, no matter what crowd you need to accommodate.

Make It Easy for Attendees To Meet, Share Ideas, and Stay Connected

CE Zoom’s networking event management software is designed to make it super simple for attendees to connect and stay in touch. Our easy-to-use platform packs in a variety of helpful networking features that keep attendees connected, from attendee directories to messaging capabilities and even social media integration. This enables your attendees to meet new like-minded people, share ideas, and stay in contact even after the event is over, all without needing to keep track of a physical business card.

Track Meeting Attendance and Capture Qualified Leads

By keeping tabs on who’s attending and capturing any promising leads, you can ensure that your networking events are effective and offer a strong return on their investment. CE Zoom has built-in tools to allow you to do just that, from automated check-ins to registration access. By keeping all of this data straight, you make it easier to measure just how effective your networking events were, giving you the opportunity to follow up with your most qualified leads when the event is over.

Streamlined Management for All Networking Event Types

CE Zoom’s networking event management solution offers a more streamlined planning and management process for all types of networking events. Whether you’re intending to hold a happy hour, a roundtable discussion, an industry-specific event, or a professional development session, CE Zoom has just what you need to manage the event from start to finish.

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