For Offices

Remove the burden of manually tracking licensure compliance and renewal dates for your entire team from one dashboard.

What is so unique about CE Zoom's Employee CE Compliance Managing Tool?

Manage Employees

Send a connection request to all employees to obtain visibility of their CE portfolio.

View Transcripts

Quickly glance through each employees profile to view completed and missing requirements for each license/permit they hold.

View Multiple Licenses

Know the active status and expiration dates for each license of connected employee.

View Renewal Compliance

With CE Zoom’s state-specific CE tracking capabilities, managers will know the licensed professional’s compliance based on their individual state’s rules and regulations.

CPR Compliance

Check CPR compliance for each connected employee.

OSHA Compliance

Check OSHA compliance for each connected employee.

Employee Contact Info

Easy access to each connected employees contact information.

Total Employee Count

Dashboard stats will display how many employees are connected by license type.