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Dental CE Management
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Managing continuing dental education and certification can feel overwhelming. We knew there had to be a better way after traveling from states away to attend a dental CE class in person. That’s why we created this online dental continuing education platform — to empower you to achieve your CE credits and certifications online no matter where you live.

Here’s how CE Zoom makes dental CE easy and accessible for everyone.

Search for Dental CE Courses

Do you struggle to find dental continuing education courses you want or need? CE Zoom’s course finder allows individuals to find courses by presenter’s name, course category, or a specifically approved provider. Use the quick link to register for a course, and it will add your newly registered dental CE course right to your dashboard for quick verification.

Would you rather have dental CE courses automatically sent to you in your selected specialty? You can have it! If a continuing education course is entered that meets the criteria for the professional, that course will be sent via email and notification for the professional to view and register if desired.

Register for Dental Online Continuing Education Courses

CE Zoom has a simple registration process that expedites registration if the dental professional finds a course they would like to take. Since the professional’s pertinent information has already been collected and stored within the CE Zoom platform, the professional can join a course with the push of a button. It’s streamlined to assist the professional from registration all the way through CE Certificate distribution!

Attend Online Dental CE Courses

On the day of the dental CE course/conference, CE Zoom allows the attendee to focus on the course and not worry about obtaining the proof of attendance by making the verification process seamless! At the end of the course, the dental professional will enter a verification code given by either the presenter or a representative from the offering company. From there, they take any required surveys and tests and receive their Dental CE online certificate right into their records on their CE Zoom account. These records can be tracked and stored until you need to submit them for an audit or to a regulating body.

State-Specific Dental CE Tracking and Compliance

CE Zoom is the only state-specific CE tracker that will track dental CE based on your individual state’s rules and regulations. It’s simple and easy to use. Either take an online dental continuing education course through CE Zoom for automated tracking or upload certificates and get a better understanding of what your state requires without having to read your rules all the time. You can quickly view your dental CE compliance progress, renewal dates, transcripts, and more from any Wi-Fi-connected device.

An example is a dental hygienist licensed in New Mexico. The state requires 45 hours of dental CE, and the professional has completed 101.5 dental continuing education in the past renewal cycle. 74.5 of that CE actually counts according to the rules and regulations of NM. However, this dental professional is still not in compliance. They have acquired well over the necessary dental CE amount but are still missing a course required every renewal cycle by NM. Therefore, they will not be compliant until that course is complete.

Store and Maintain Proof of Attendance

Documentation is important. Paper files stored in a folder somewhere deep in a filing cabinet are a thing of the past. Store your entire file folder of important dental CE documents on one platform. Obtain dental CE from conferences/courses that are powered by CE Zoom to have the certificate automatically placed in the correct categories for your convenience and ease of use or manually upload additional paper CE Certificates obtained in any other way.

Never lose another dental CE Certificate again by taking a picture of past certificates and uploading them to your account on CE Zoom.

Pre-Selected Notifications

Receive notifications about upcoming dental continuing education, courses that are missing for compliance, and license renewal status.

Track Expenses Related to Your Professional License

CE Zoom is also a great organizational tool for all your job-related receipts. You can use over 25 different categories to organize and track expenses incurred throughout the year. The expense overview separates all expense totals in an easy-to-view graph.

Why Choose CE Zoom?

The dental world is constantly evolving and changing, so dental professionals need to stay current on the latest trends, procedures, and care processes. With CE Zoom, you can tackle all of your dental CE requirements in one convenient place and never miss a license renewal again. You can also upload any current certifications into our system and add to them as you complete a new course. That way, you’ll have all the paperwork together for licensing or audits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we get about our dental CE courses. If you have additional questions, contact our team to learn more.

We offer hundreds of online dental continuing education courses to help you fulfill your compliance requirements. Some of our courses include:

  • Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Prevention of Medical Errors in the Dental Office Setting
  • Practical Protocol for Identifying Periodontal Disease

You can view more of our dental CE course offerings here.

Our courses are set up for three types of participants: in-person, live webinars, and self-study. You can filter our dental CE courses by how you would like to attend.

Yes. We have the first — and only — automated state-specific compliance and auditing tool. This means our courses follow AGD-PACE guidelines that are valid in all 50 states.


Make Dental CE Easier Than Ever

Dental continuing education doesn’t have to be complicated. We make the process simple and efficient, giving you peace of mind that your certifications are always updated. Join today to experience the CE Zoom difference.