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How to Offer In-House CE

How to Offer In-House CE

Standardize your office processes and knowledge throughout all your practices.

Educating your staff, especially within DSOs and large group practices, can be more effective than relying on outdated dental association meetings to provide the needed CE and training. Internal training allows you to offer your staff the required education and standardize your office processes and knowledge throughout all your practices.

If you’ve started the process for offering CE, you probably realized quickly that it takes a lot of work to become an Approved Provider. The process may seem daunting and not worth the effort.

Why do you pay thousands of dollars for your staff to attend an out-of-town conference? For one, they need the CE for their license renewal. Secondly, you do it because you hope they will return with knowledge and increase the net profit of your office – because we know that education sells.

If you invest in your staff’s education, they can educate your patients on the correct care and services needed, which in turn increases your practice’s revenue. If your staff doesn’t understand why a service is needed, then they can’t effectively explain it to your patients. This flow of education increases the trust and the relationship between patients and your staff.

By offering your CE in-house, you can bring speakers and trainers directly to your offices. If you are an expert in your field, you can provide the CE and train your own staff. We can help you become an Approved Provider so you can educate your own staff and offer the required CE your staff needs.

CE Zoom makes offering CE simple by eliminating the time, effort, and paperwork required. CE Zoom has done the work to become a recognized CE Provider in accordance with AGD-PACE. By working with us as a Joint Program Provider, we walk you through the red tape and help simplify the process to offer your training. We make sure your education follows the AGD-PACE standards and guidelines.

Additionally, with our state-of-the-art system, we manage the courses, registration, surveys, and other details all the way through the digital CE certificate distribution. With CE Zoom’s state-specific CE Tracker, we make sure the courses your staff is taking will count towards their license renewal. You can also view your staff’s training completion and what courses are still required.

We take the misery out of the Approved Provider process and allow you to focus on providing courses and training that are aligned with your vision and make your practices more profitable. We do all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

Don’t worry about how to offer CE, instead let’s decide when. Schedule with CE Zoom to get started.

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