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This presentation, "Investing 101", serves as a foundational stepping stone, assisting new investors in navigating the vast and often intimidating world of investments. With clear visuals, actionable insights, and easy-to-understand content, attendees are poised to walk away with a strong foundational understanding of capital markets, paving the way for informed and confident investment decisions. 
Learning outcomes:
  •          Introduction to Investing
  •          Types of Investments
  •          Stock Market Basics
  •          Valuation Techniques
  •          Tax Considerations
  •          Investment Strategies
  •          And more….

Manny Apolonia, CFP

As a Certified Financial Planner with more than 15 years of financial services experience, Manny has proven to provide value in all of his client relationships. Manny defines a successful client engagement as, "being a part of helping a client achieve all-around wellness. That means financial, emotional, and physical wellness. All of these facets of my client's life matter to me." 

 With a Master’s in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor’s in International Business from University of San Francisco, Manny translates academic theory into practice. Manny continually learns from industry leaders to stay updated with best practices through continuing education training. Manny has completed positive psychology coach training from Co-Active Training Institute and is in the process of earning his certification. These skills help Manny help move clients from emotional reactivity around their finances to a gratitude mindset. The approach emphasizes recognition of their achievements and leaves them open to new possibilities and perspectives.

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Course Categories: Personal Money Management (Finances, Investments, Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Personal Profitability)

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Educational Method: Lecture

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Tue, Nov 7, 2023: 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM CT