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Course description:
This course intends to provide clear information and guidance for clinicians, as they navigate the unique ethical decision-making challenges of private practice. This course also reviews the Standards of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice and relates them to ethical decision-making in dental hygiene.

During this course, attendees will:

1. Discuss the role of the dental hygienist in delivering quality health care;

2. Define ethical care competencies continuum in relation to dental hygiene;

3. Evaluate the Standards of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice and how they relate to ethics;

4. Investigate how ethics, morals, and values relate to providing patient care.

Wife, mother, farmer, college administrator, educator, inventor, public health advocate, businesswoman, researcher, writer, speaker–yet always a dental hygienist - Dr. Emily Boge has worn many hats over the course of her 22 years in the dental industry. She takes pride in utilizing her inquisitive mind and honest attitude to lead faculty at her college, influence manufacturers to listen to dental professionals in product innovation, and transform students into entry-level professionals, promoting the use of inner accountability, tenacity, and empowerment.


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