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CE Zoom's Smart Technology automatically tracks each of these Categories

Approved Providers

CE Zoom’s tracker will only allocate CE hours for courses given by selected approved providers for the states that require Continuing Education courses to be endorsed by selected providers to meet the criteria for acceptable continuing education hours.

Self Study Courses

“Supervised self-instruction” CE requirements varies per state.  Wether your state has a maximum allowed CE requirement for self-study courses or a maximum allowed with or without a testing mechanism, CE Zoom can track it all.

Required but not count

State Rule and Regulations sometimes requires that a professional complete a course as part of their renewal requirements but the CE hours earned for that particular course are not allowed to be applied towards the total renewal requirements.  CE Zoom’s compliance status will not be satisfied until all required but not counted courses are satisfied.

Current Certifications

State Board Rules require specific certifications to be current for each year a professional is licensed.  Some certifications have a one year, while others have a two-three year renewal cycle.  CE Zoom will track these specific certifications and will alert the professional if it has expired, and will not show compliance until the certification is renewed.

Courses Not Approved

Any and all CE courses your state lists as not acceptable continuing education will be tracked and stored for the professional but the CE hours will not be applied towards the professionals renewal requirements.

Minimum CE Requirements

Whether your state has one course, multiple courses, or multiple groups of courses that have minimum CE requirements CE Zooms Smart Technology will separate and track all according to your states rules and regulations.

Course Categories

Acceptable continuing education for each state varies.  CE Zoom will track CE courses according to your states rules and regulations and aid your professionals to stay compliant and improve the knowledge, skills and ability to provide the highest quality of service to the public and their profession.

Maximum CE Requirments

Many states have courses in which they limit the number of CE hours a professional can apply towards their CE requirements.  CE Zoom will track all CE courses a professional earns but will only apply the allowed amount of hours for all courses that have set maximum requirements towards their license renewal requirements.

CE Zoom offers the only Fully Automated state specific CE Tracker and State Compliance and Auditing tool, FREE to licensing bodies.

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