Editor’s intro:
In part I of this special feature, six articles explore the ADA policy and what leaders say about sleep-related breathing disorders’ impact on a dental practice.
Educational objective

The ADA’s Policy Statement on the Role of Dentists on treating Sleep Related Breathing disorders arguably triggers more changes in dentist behavior as it relates to the health of their patient than any other policy statement published by the ADA. Dentists who understand the implications found within the statement will impact community health beyond any expectations they might have made during professional training or practice. The purpose of these essays are to bring together the opinions of the nation’s leading experts so every practicing dentist can recognize areas where mastery exists and where further study is necessary.

At the end of this reading, the participant will be able to

1.     Discuss with their team and peers the implications of the policy statement for their practice

2.     Lead their teams to develop communication skills so the changes can be introduced to patient communications

3.     Have confidence their practice is working towards the highest ideals of collaborative medical/dental services.

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