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Normal Craniofacial Growth and Development

Effects of Western Culture on Growth and Development

Importance of Nasal Breathing

Facial and Dental Clues

Vivos is registered, with the FDA, as a Specification Developer

Vivos System Appliances:

    Vivos mRNA (Mandibular Repositioning Nightime Appliance): FDA CLEARED as a Class 2 appliance; cleared for the treatment of adult patients diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, snoring and sleep disordered breathing.

    Vivos DNA (Daytime Nightime Appliance): FDA REGISTERED as a Class 1 appliance for palatal expansion 

    Vivos Guide Series (VStarter, VGrow, VWay): FDA REGISTERED as Class 1 appliances for teeth straightening

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    "Introduction to Craniofacial Sleep Medicine Part 1: How Did We Get Here?" with Dr. Ben Miraglia

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