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Hands-OnLine LIVE Interactive Dental Education Delivered Digitally

Freehand Diastema Closure with Dr. Bob Margeas

Course Outline

Closing midline diastemas with composite can be a challenge with achieving proper width, marginal staining, gingival emergence profiles and overhangs. Matrix bands can produce long flat contacts and wedges may lead to unsightly black triangles. This live, step-by-step interactive webinar focuses on Dr. Margeas's simplified technique that quickly establishes ideal width, proximal contact and contour without removing any tooth structure and requiring minimal finishing. Participants will also learn and perform polishing and surface texturing that will further produce predictably natural looking long term restorations.

Course Outcomes & Hands-On Learning Objectives

. Learn how to use the pull through technique for tight diastema contacts

. Finishing and polishing technique to prevent white lines

. Learn the ideal technique for shade selection

Who Should Attend

General Esthetic Dentists, RRDH (Dental Hygienists with a designation to perform Restorative procedures).

Tuition Costs

Tuition covers access to the live webinar and the Hands-OnLine LIVE Technique Kit (required to complete the hands-on exercise).

Tuition: $225 USD + $10 processing fee

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Course Categories: Courses Approved for Dentists,General Dentistry / Corrective and Restorative Oral Health Procedures

Provider Approval: (ADA-CERP) American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program approved providers

Educational Type: Live

Educational Method: Clinical participation (30% of the course involves active manipulation of dental materials or devices, treatment of patients or other opportunities to practice skills or techniques under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor

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Fri, Oct 30, 2020: 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM ET




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