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Course Outline


Treating the single central is one of the most difficult procedures that a dentist has to do. Even more difficult is the discolored central due to endodontics, trauma, or tetracycline staining.  This hands-on course will teach you how to use opaquers to raise the value of the tooth, without creating too bright of a tooth. You will also learn the use of tints to create incisal translucency. These techniques can be incorporated immediately into your practice for profitability. 


Learning Objectives


  • How much tooth preparation is necessary for each shade change

  • How to opaque a dark tooth for ideal esthetics

  • How to increase value

  • How to place composite layers to match adjacent teeth

  • How to create surface texture to mimic natural teeth

Who Should Attend

General Esthetic Dentists, RRDH (Dental Hygienists with a designation to perform Restorative procedures).


Tuition Costs 

Tuition covers access to the live webinar and the Hands-OnLine Technique Kit (required to complete the hands-on exercise).  

Tuition: $225 USD + $10 processing fee 

Course Contact: ilamonde@handsonlinelive.com

Course Categories: Courses Approved for Dentists,General Dentistry / Corrective and Restorative Oral Health Procedures,Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry (Treatment and Maintenance),Courses in Dentistry

Provider Approval: (ADA-CERP) American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program approved providers

Educational Type: Live

Educational Method: Clinical participation (30% of the course involves active manipulation of dental materials or devices, treatment of patients or other opportunities to practice skills or techniques under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor

Prerequisites : n/a

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Date / Time

Wed, Sep 16, 2020: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM ET