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This Course is a Live Webinar and will be live-streamed:

10:00 am ET, 9:00 am CT, 8:00 am MT, 7:00 am AZ, 7:00 am PT

This webinar will take a closer look into the unique synergy that is created when the clinical and operational leadership work in harmony. Don’t miss out!

Course Contact: wissert@nadentalgroup.com

Course Categories: Stress Management,Personal Self-Improvement (Motivation, Success Training, Personal Development & Management),Business Management / Organization / Matters (Dental Related),Business / Practice Administration Management and Improvement (Dental Related)

Provider Approval: Study clubs,Provider Not Listed

Educational Type: Live

Educational Method: Lecture

Prerequisites : Best-in-Class Mindset

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Date / Time

Thu, Apr 16, 2020: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET