This course is designed for the practitioner who would like to further understand and learn minimally traumatic tooth extraction techniques, and how/if that impacts dental implant placement as well as how it relates to immediate or early prosthetic loading. It will help dentists to gain confidence in decision-making when performing extractions prior to implant placement. It will establish the definition of the PSE concept (Preserving Safe Extraction) and discuss how to successfully evaluate the extraction complexity and the accompanied risk assessment.  Participants will learn how to improve their techniques and outcomes with the use of piezo electric technology, preserving the necessary bone volume for implant placement, and they will perform PSE techniques on surgical models with the use of Piezotome Cube. Once PSE has been achieved, we will be discussing and demonstrating the keys to implant design and surgical techniques leading to successful immediate implant placement utilizing the revolutionary Megagen AnyRidge dental implant. We will then explore if and when implants can be subject to immediate or early loading.
• Learn how to better diagnose, evaluate, and perform treatment planning for an extraction site prior to implant placement
• Understand the classification of extraction sockets and tooth positioning, as well as the importance of the CBCT technology for a better diagnosis
• Learn the natural remodeling of the alveolar ridge following a tooth extraction
• Review of surgical techniques and instruments to perform minimally traumatic extractions
• Learn how to utilize Piezotome Cube to facilitate the removal of teeth and minimize the trauma to the alveolar bone and surrounding soft tissues
• Review other applications for the Piezotome Cube in the fields of oral surgery, periodontics, and dental implants
• Introduction to immediate implant placement and the Partial Extraction Therapy
• CBCT Fundamentals to determine proper case selection and treatment planning
• Evaluation of medical history, bone density and restorative solutions for successful implant procedures 
• Determine impact of implant design on stability 
• Current scientific loading criteria for immediate or early loading will be presented with clinical cases and reliable scientific data such as Resonance Frequency Analysis ISQ
• Understand loading protocols for everyday implant dentistry from single to full arch placement and temporization


Course Contact: Megan.Johnson@acteongroup.com

Course Categories: Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Provider Affiliation: (AGD) Academy of General Dentistry Program approval for Continuing Education (PACE)

Educational Type: Live

Educational Method: Clinical participation (30% of the course involves active manipulation of dental materials or devices, treatment of patients or other opportunities to practice skills or techniques under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor

Prerequisites : None

Sponsor(s) : ACTEON

Conflict of Interest Disclosure: None

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Date / Time

Fri, Nov 8, 2019: 09:00 AM - 03:30 PM PT


2502 S 78th Street
Tacoma, WA


$250 October 4 and earlier: $350 October 5-November 5