Course Description:

Yeast is a normal component of oral biofilm and in proper balance poses no problem to the host. When imbalanced it is synergistic with pathogenic organisms, and it contributes to the disease process.  Today is about identifying and treating this component of the biofilm.

Educational Objectives:
  1.       Learn what questions to ask that may suggest yeast is involved in oral biofilm
  2.       Learn the best way to test for oral yeast
  3.       Learn a basic yeast management protocol
  4.       Experience some case studies demonstrating the concepts above

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Course Categories: Periodontics (Diagnosis, Treatment (surgical/non-surgical), Maintenance, Scaling / Instrumentation, Supportive Perio Therapies)

Provider Approval: Nationally Recognized (AGD-PACE) Academy of General Dentistry Program approval for Continuing Education

Educational Type: Self Study

Educational Method: Electronically mediated with a testing mechanism (internet, one-way & two-way transmissions through open broadcast, closed circuit, cable, microwave, broadband lines, fiber optics, satellite, or wireless communications devices)

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