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Salivary Diagnostics Part 2: You’re Testing! Start Treating!

Learn how salivary diagnostics drives treatment decisions

Congratulations on utilizing salivary diagnostics to determine the cause and severity of the infection.  The next step is to interpret the test results to determine the best course of treatment. Join us in moving out of the era of monotherapy and into the new era of combination therapy.  This is truly personalized oral medicine!

Learning Objectives:  

  1. Identify the cause & severity of the infection

  2. Understand and recognize when to consider combination therapy

  3. Understand and recognize resistant species 

  4. Demonstrate how to create a treatment plan based on test results

    This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) through the joint program provider approval of CE Zoom and Direct Diagnostics. CE Zoom is approved for awarding FAGD/MAGD credit.

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Course Categories: Periodontics (Diagnosis, Treatment (surgical/non-surgical), Maintenance, Scaling / Instrumentation, Supportive Perio Therapies),Oral Health Diagnosis & Treatment Planning,Clinical Application / Techniques / Procedures

Provider Approval: Nationally Recognized (AGD-PACE) Academy of General Dentistry Program approval for Continuing Education

Educational Type: Self Study

Educational Method: Electronically mediated with a testing mechanism (internet, one-way & two-way transmissions through open broadcast, closed circuit, cable, microwave, broadband lines, fiber optics, satellite, or wireless communications devices)

Prerequisites : Salivary Diagnostics: Stop Guessing! Start Testing! Part 1
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