Have you been struck by the “Curse of Hygiene?”

  • Guessing what is causing the periodontal infection - only to blame the patient in needing to brush and floss more

  • Guessing the severity of the periodontal infection - only saying a little bleeding and then needing a tourniquet by the end of the prophylaxis

  • Guessing the best treatment for the periodontal infection - only to move from one product to the next needing a better solution for recurrent disease

Well it's time to stop the “Hygiene Insanity”- doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Our goals now include making sure that the mouth is not a source of systemic inflammation. So, it is imperative that we know before treatment what our “targets of treatment” actually are for each patient. Then, we must know if our treatment for these “targets” has actually eliminated or reduced these targets to a host acceptable lever. We can only do this if we use a saliva test before and after treatment. This “Road Less Traveled” has now become the new standard of care for this new world of Oral Systemic Medicine. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the 5 targets of therapy

  2. Understand why, who and how to test

  3. Connecting these targets to systemic inflammation & diseases 

  4. Learn why scaling & root planing is not enough

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