Course Description:

At some point (hopefully) all dentists and hygienists ask themselves, “Is this all there is… restoring tooth after tooth and prophy after prophy, after bloody prophy?!!” If you are fed-up watching disease progress, falling into never-ending pockets, and encountering constant resistance from your patients, this course if for you. 


If you’re stuck in the past and your frontline detection of periodontal disease is a probe and radiographs, hygienists this course will blow your mind! The ever-evolving change in the dental hygiene profession has brought us to the most exciting time to be a whole body hygienist. The first dental hygiene graduated in 1913 and a few short years later that city had the least number of deaths due to the influenza pandemic of 1918. Fast forward to today, we have learned that the bacterial load in the oral microbiome can lead to systemic inflammation. 


Finally, the technology hygienists deserve is easily accessible and easy to implement. Discover how microscopes, lasers, ultra-sonics and advanced testing can innovate your care. Educate patients on how to improve oral health through learning how to determine risk factors, educated patients on how the mouth is connected to the body to help instill value and lastly successfully putting it all together which leads to a more enriching career. 

Learning Objectives:

  1.      1. Periodontal disease and its role in systemic inflammation 
  2.      2.Caries and its role in systemic inflammation
  3.      3. Function and physiologic and its role in systemic inflammation
  4.      4. Technology to innovate care 
  5.      5. Putting it all together 

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Course Categories: General Dentistry / Corrective and Restorative Oral Health Procedures

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