Path to CRM - How to Create a Caries Risk Management Program in Your Practice
V. Kim Kutsch, DMD.
Learning Objectives
The presentation is a ground level “how to” course for participants to develop their own strategic plan to successfully implement Caries Risk Management in their dental practice. The presentation covers all of the systems and decisions that must be made in the process. There is a handout included which provides a basic roadmap for the attendee to use in their decision making and implementation process.
1. At the conclusion of the presentation the attendee will understand the benefits of CRM to their practice and their patients and be able to discuss them.
2. At the conclusion of the presentation the attendee will be able to describe the different options available for different CRM form and treatment protocols.
3. At the conclusion of the presentation the attendee will have a written strategic plan on how to implement CRM into their dental practice, step by step.

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