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Presented by: Dr. Bill Keith, Dr. Amanda Wilson, and Dr. Kurt Hoffman

Embracing Digital Communication With Your Patients Without Disrupting Your Practice Workflow  


This course will define digital communications, including teledentistry, remote monitoring, and virtual visits, and teach attendees applicable uses of digital communications to benefit their practices.

Attendees will walk away with the following:

-An understanding of digital communications for dentists and relevant definitions 

-The need for digital communications for practices and patients alike

-How to use digital communications like remote monitoring and virtual appointments to build your business, increase revenue, and reduce chair time.

-Doctor recommended tips, tricks, and best practices from doctors in order to improve patient outcomes.

-Recommended diagnostic records, tools, services surrounding refinement rates.


In fact, one doctor will even talk about how to increase your profits by SIX FIGURES using digital communications and digital dentistry…yes, it’s actually possible.

Course Contact: matt.quinn@inhandhealth.com

Course Categories: Teledentistry

Provider Approval: Nationally Recognized (AGD-PACE) Academy of General Dentistry Program approval for Continuing Education

Educational Type: Self Study

Educational Method: Electronically mediated with a testing mechanism (internet, one-way & two-way transmissions through open broadcast, closed circuit, cable, microwave, broadband lines, fiber optics, satellite, or wireless communications devices)

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