Course Description:

What is diagnostic coding? Why is it important?


diagnostic code is a set of alphanumeric characters that are used to describe conditions and illnesses on healthcare claims. It is important because payers use them to process healthcare claims. If it is coded incorrectly, it will delay the processing of a claim and result in a denial of the claim.


Learning Objectives

  1.       The combination of ICD codes listed that enables you to confirm the selected area to look under for the codes needed within the dental medical world.
  2.       Learn the features of the ICD-10-CM codes
  3.       Learn how to highlight and use the tips that allow you to find the codes in the order needed for a claim form, when there is more than one diagnostic code to describe the patients’ conditions



  1.       Learning how to navigate the chapters that are the ICD-10-CM codes will give you the ability to find the codes used within the dental world faster.
  2.       How to set up a sheet that you can use for the procedures you will be providing.  The treatment may be the same to either dental or medical, but the reasons are per the patients reasons they need the treatment.
  3.       Tips on how to use the categories within the chapters to find the highest-level diagnostic code
  4.       how to use signs and symptom codes to obtain pre-authorization for diagnostic tests to prove the exact diagnosis.  Example: Using a CBCT scan as a tool to diagnosis the patient for treatment.

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