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The dental office is no stranger to feelings of vulnerability and anxiousness, but what if you were to add an unconscious bias and stigma to the place where you need to seek treatment?  There is a higher chance that you wouldn’t seek treatment!  This is what we hope to learn about with treating the LGBTQ community and why they are considered a vulnerable population.

With our current culture of division, it’s more important than ever for dental professionals to use their platform filled with opportunities to foster relationships and build trust with their patients so they get the best care possible.

Learn Objectives

·         Identify familiar terms used by the LGBTQ+ community.

·         Recognize your unconscious bias and increase your emotional intelligence.

·         Identify affects in the mouth of queer people.

·         Modify strategies to enhance cultural humility within your office.

Ryan Rutar, RDH, MAM

Ryan is the President and Co-Founder of Pearly White Prevention, LLC. He consults in dental offices to help empower the dentist/hygiene relationship and coaches hygienists that want to advance the way they deliver care.

He has a dual role at Morning Glory Dental private practice. He works as a clinical hygienist and streamlines hygiene as the dental hygiene manager. He is currently a KOL for Voco, and LM Dental. He is also on the Editorial Advisory Board for RDH Magazine, and created the "Rutar Meditation Toothbrush Technique," combining mental and oral health.

Ryan empowers hygienists’ to create change and how they can contribute to their practice and themselves. He can be reached at www.pearlywhiteprevention.com.

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Mon, Jun 12, 2023: 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM CT