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This Course is a Live Webinar and will be live-streamed:

7:30 pm ET, 6:30 pm CT, 5:30 pm MT, 4:30 pm AZ, 4:30 pm PT

CDE: 1 hour

Overview: The topic of antibiotic prophylaxis , particularly related to patients with prosthetic joints has been controversial with multiple changes and recommendations over the last 20 years. Are you confused about when it is necessary to use antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with prosthetic joints, cardiac valve replacements, kidney dialysis, AV shunts, transplant patients and other medical conditions?  This course will make you confident you are treating these patients appropriately.  Additionally, best practices for antibiotic use for extractions and implant placement will be reviewed



Understand the current Clinical Practice Guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis.

Understand the risks and benefits of antibiotic use including C. diff infection.

Understand how antibiotic prophylaxis affects oral bacteremia and distant site infections.

Understand the biology and physiology of prosthetic joint infections and infective endocarditis.