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Dr Pasqual Venuti

The workhorse of general dental practice is treating caries, cracks, and fractures of the teeth. This course offers a comprehensive approach to the general dentist, sharing Dr. Pasquale Venuti's 20 years of clinical experience. More emphasis will be put on Vertical Crowns and the science of isolation and matrixing, thanks to recent advancements in this field, including the introduction of Teflon and Bioclear Matrices. 

Event Hosted by 

          Dr Paul Goodman                    Dr Matt Costa                               Rob Montgomery


September 21, 2018 1-5 PM 

September 22, 2018 9 AM - 4 PM

Cost to Attend

Dentists:  Until August 31, 2018  -  $295

                On and After September 1, 2018  -  $395

Day 1

Participants will learn: 

    An Anti-fragile Perspective on Iatorgenic Occurrences

    Fundamentals of Isolation Including Troubleshooting and Newest Available Techniques

    New Perspectives on Semeiotics and the Management of Caries

    Wedging Strategies: Pre-wedging, Progressive-wedging and Delayed-wedging

    Best Injection Molding Practices

Day Two

    Potential Possibilities and Limitations of Adhesive Dentistry

    How and Why You Might Re-think Biologic Width

    Deep Marginal Acquisition, Deep Marginal Extension, Deep Marginal Elevation

    Vertical Crowns: Geometry, Kinematics and Drilling Protocol

    Endo-restorative continuum

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Date / Time

Fri, Sep 21, 2018 - Sat, Sep 22, 2018