Dentistry is no longer only about clinical excellence – a thriving practice requires attention to the business side and the clinical side. You can no longer depend on your location and patient referrals to keep going strong. Dentists are entrepreneurs – and dentistry is a business. Best Practices For Modern Clinical & Restorative Dentistry will deliver 7 CE credits and help teach you how to keep a steady stream of patients coming in, how to enhance and improve the procedures you are already doing and delight your patients.

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Dr. Nasser Barghi


With an ever increasing demand from patients for full-mouth esthetic restorations, many variations of Zirconia crowns have come to the market place. Knowing when, why, and how to use this material has become increasingly complex. Dr. Barghi will spend 2 hours differentiating the various types of Zirconia and identify the best patient application based on type.

  • Zirconia substrate comparisons
  • Lab communication and surface treatments required
  • Bonding/cementing the final Zirconia restoration
  • How Zirconia functions as a fixed restoration long-term

Dr Edmond Suh

Dentistry is continuing to become defined as a ‘commodity’.  A filling is a filling.  A crown is a crown, etc. There is an ongoing struggle to differentiate ourselves from other practices in our area. Dr. Suh and Ms. Hennen will spend 2 hours to go over how to differentiate your practice from the minute they walk into your door until treatment is completed.  Everything from clinical excellence to effective patient communication will be covered in this 2 hour 


  • Contemporary perspective on dental materials for indirect restorations.
  • How to discontinue doing ‘crowns’ and increase case acceptance and revenue.
  • Systematic approach to conservative, pain free, dentistry
  • With yelp, and google reviews being so dominant, learn to present cases effectively and accurately to prevent negative miscommunication.

Todd Ehrlich

The oral environment is directly working against your successful outcome! It is imperative to isolate tissue and moisture in a way that can help us have predictable outcomes in many aspects of dentistry: general restorative, cosmetic restorations, and even digital imaging. While isolation can be complete in many ways, the patient’s experience matters as well. Your isolation technique could be in a way that actually impresses the patient and they like!

Dr Len Tao

A patient’s journey begins with a Google search.  In order to be found, you need to be at the top of that search.  There are many methods to become more credible and more visible.  Online reviews, website design, search engine optimization (SEO) Google Adwords, Social Media and Blogging are just some of the topics emphasizing the most important ways to differentiate yourself and gain trust from not only Google but the most important person…the online searcher looking to become your patient.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop or tablet for a more interactive program.

Date / Time

Fri, Apr 13, 2018


2200 West Airfield Drive
Dallas, TX 75261