What Is An RDH License?

What Is An RDH License?

What Is An RDH License?

An RDH license is your Registered Dental Hygiene license, and you need a valid one to maintain your career. Without your RDH license, taking patients and practicing dental hygiene is unlawful. You need to renew your RDH license regularly, and CE Zoom can help you do that.

Renewing Dental Hygiene License

Renewing your dental hygiene license is easier than ever these days. A dental hygiene licensee must renew their license every two years. At this point, you can renew most dental hygiene licenses online, and physical copies generally aren’t sent out unless you request them, and it can take weeks to get to you. Let’s look at some reasons why you may need to renew your RDH license.

Expired/Canceled License

If you wait longer than five years to renew your canceled license, it expires and can no longer be renewed or restored. When your license expires, you must reapply as a first-time applicant for your RDH license.

Inactive License

You can put your license on inactive status at nearly any time, and you can renew your inactive license indefinitely. To do so, you’ll have to complete an Active/Inactive form, attach copies of your continuing education taken within the last two years, return the original inactive license, and pay a fee. You’ll still have to pay the renewal fee, but you won’t have to complete the required continuing education courses.

Disabled License

You can certify that you’re eligible to waive the requirements for continuing education because of a disability. You’ll have to continue to pay the renewal fee, but for the duration of your disability, you won’t have to meet the continuing education requirements, and you can put a pause on your license. To waive these requirements, you will need to have a statement from your physician that includes the dates of your disability. You’ll also need to give your own statement that you didn’t practice as a licensed auxiliary throughout your disability.

Duplicate/Replacement Licenses

If you need a duplicate or replacement copy of your dental hygiene license, you’ll have to submit your request in writing with a form, pay a fee, and provide your pocket or wall license, as needed. If you’re replacing your license because of a name change, you’ll also need to send in documentation like your marriage license, divorce decree, or other court order that shows the name change.

Your Dental Hygienist License Renewal Requirements

Before you can renew your license, at minimum, you must pay the renewal fee, complete the required continuing education hours, hold a current basic life support CPR certification from the American Red Cross, and have taken and passed the appropriate Jurisprudence Assessment. In some cases, you must also be in good standing with the Attorney General’s Office for Child Support.

Renewal Payment

In most cases, you can renew your license online. This means that you can instantly renew your license, make your renewal payment by credit card, and see it go through quickly and go into effect immediately. Making your renewal payment quickly and easily makes it efficient to renew your license.

Dental Hygiene CE Requirements

If it’s your first time renewing your license after getting your RDH in the past two years, you don’t need to complete any CE credits. Otherwise, you have CE requirements to renew your license. Depending on the state you are licensed in, you will have mandatory continuing education courses you’ll need to complete to be able to renew your RDH license.

Completion of CE Credits

It can be challenging to keep track of your dental hygiene CE requirements and current CE credits and know what credits you still need to complete your license renewal. That’s where CE Zoom comes in handy. CE Zoom brings the courses to you by tracking your courses based on your state’s regulations. That way, you won’t have to scramble to figure out which courses you need to take to be able to renew your license. CE Zoom can tell you quickly and easily and help you find providers and courses to help you complete your needed CE credits.

Completed Dental Healthcare Workforce Survey

The Dental Board requires that dental healthcare professionals complete the Dental Healthcare Workforce Survey. In accordance with the Business and Professions Code, you must complete this survey before obtaining or renewing your RDH license.

Fulfillment of Fingerprinting Requirements

To fulfill the fingerprinting requirements needed to renew your RDH license, you must complete an application. Once your application has been approved, you should get information about how to submit your fingerprints for your background check.

Benefits of Renewing Your RDH Today

There are many benefits to renewing your dental hygiene license with CE Zoom, including maintaining legal compliance, easily tracking the CE credits you need, and completing the entire process online. So, get the ball rolling today and begin the renewal process. Sign up for CE Zoom and make sure you’re on track with your CE credit requirements, so you’re ready for your new license renewal.

Renewing Online With CE Zoom

CE Zoom can assist you in preparing for the next time you need to renew your RDH license, and we help manage and track all of your CE needs. With help from CE Zoom, you can know precisely what you’re missing for your next renewal, and you’ll be ready to renew online when the time comes.

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